• Provide superior
    & best quality

    Our Company has consistently embraced innovation to
    provide a superior level of excellence.
  • We are leader in Maintenance / Repairs of diesel engine

    Our Company has consistently embraced innovation to
    provide a superior level of excellence.
  • Offshore vessel chartering
    & general maintenance

    Our Company has consistently embraced innovation to
    provide a superior level of excellence.

Punctual Delivery Time

We keep things simple, do the work that adds value and avoid wasting money, materials, energy or time.
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Smart Technology

We strive to get better and more innovative by deploying new technology to get jobs done faster and on budget .
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Easy and Affortable

Providing a professional quality services on time and on budget.
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Team Of Professionals

We support and value our colleagues, clients and enjoy working together in an open and honest way.
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A safe and efficient maintenance support in oil/gas industries in the global market.


Service and Competences

We offer an entire range of high-quality professional services to meet the ever-increasing demands within the marine industries.


Our Ambition

To become the responsible base maintenance company means providing services that is affordable, reliable and guarantee.


Professional Team

We maintain a reliable project management team who has wealth of experience and modern technology equipments to deliver an excellent job and on time.

We have acquired valuable experience & knowledge of Int’l industrial systems.


Given the complexity of the industry, we are keen to works like maintenance repair of heavy-duty diesel engines, gear box, installation/repairs of navigational equipment, instrumentation/panel control, and vessel general maintenance.
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Maintenance / Repairs

Maintenance repairs of all types of diesel engine.
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Marine Consultancy

Our aim and focus are always to prevent a problem before it presents itself...
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Offshore Vessel Chartering

Our technical team are working diligently around the industries and bringing a solution to the challenges facing the transportation/logistics in marine industries.
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Vessel General Maintenance

Involved us in coordinating and managing the daily planning maintenance / repairs of your vessel machineries; Plumbing work, electrical work, fire hydrant pumps, valves, fenders, refrigeration equipment etc.
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Pneumatic System

Pneumatic system played a vital role in the industry, therefore at ugpeo technique limited, a technical team who especilized in pneumatic system are there to handle all of your issues in pneumatic system.
With our technical team, all your downtime cause by pneumatic system is settled
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