Our Policies

  • Quality Assurance Statement
  • Quality assurance statement
    Ugpeo technique limited see to the maintenance of quality standard relating to any job in its care, and we guarantee that our quality control measure shall be through enough to meet the high-quality standard required in the oil and gas industries and in its work.

    • We shall at first instance understand the usefulness of our job to our client’s

    • We shall not on no account bring into work site or make use of any sub-standard material that may jeopardize both the short- and long-term quality objective

    • We shall also pursue our job with the right caliber of labor’s qualified, skilled and experience personnel in their fields as to bring the desired quality results.

    It is the intent and policy of ugpeo technique limited management to supply, complete product and render services that meet well defined need, use or purpose, satisfy customer/organization needs arid expectations, comply with applicable standard and specifications, comply with requirement of the society (statutory regulations, laws, rules and other considerations) reflect environment needs, meeting benefits, cost and consideration. The nature of the company activities/operations therefore places particular emphasis on skillful planning and quality. The objective of the management of the company is to carry out all organization and client activities in such a manner that conforms to contractual and regulatory obligations. To achieve this, the company deems its highly necessary with utmost priority to establish and maintain an efficient and effective quality assurance program, planning and developed in line with all managerial functions. The management is committed to absolute conformation for work specification and customer satisfaction that will serve as a measure of evidence.

    The company quality system is cover by the requirement of EN ISO 9000 families 1994 and other, relevant quality standards.

    Ugpeo technique limited recognizes the importance of quality performance in the successful execution of any contract and even winging future business. Therefore, we exert every effort necessary to obtain the highest standards in maintenance, materials/parts handling and tests/checks, work method/procedures. Our policy on attainment of high-quality standard is ‘’ Doing things right at all time’’ to realize the policy, the company developed a standard quality manual specifying what and how to do every element of our jobs starting from ordinary trending. For quality assurance, the company developed standard checklists and punch list, tests manuals, and certificate well developed by a team of competent professionals’ head by our foreign technical partner adjudged as one of the world lead quality control! Quality Assurance Manager.
    It’s our policy that activities are planned and executed manner that:

    • Preserve the health, safety and security of our employees, subcontractor and all member of the public, who may be affected by UGPEO TECHNIQUE LIMITED MG. Operations.

    • Minimize impact of its operation on the environment. Every UGPEO TECHNIQUE LIMITED employee and its subcontractors must carry out his or her work in accordance with the laid down policies of the company. An activity, in the purview of the employee, which cannot be carried out in accordance with this policy, must be suspended and reported immediately to the relevant UGPEO TECHNIQUE LIMITED supervisor.

    • Plans and procedure shall be in place to respond to any emergency or loss of control.

    • Any activity, which is unhealthy, unsafe, and environmentally unsound or my adversely impact relation with the community, shall be suspended until an acceptable solution is found.

    • All activities shall analyze to systematically identify related hazard risk and sensitivities and to deal with consequence should they arise.

    It is our policy to respond effectively to any emergency within UGPEO TECHNIQUE LIMITED. Which threatens the general public, the environment, company assets or operations.

    The implication of this is directed towards

    • The response will be directed towards saving life

    • Caring for injured

    • Protection of the general public and the government

    • Limitation of damage to assets

    • Defense the company’s corporate image