Our Service


We are quick to respond to our client’s needs. Our aims are to explore technology as much as possible with a view to reduce cost in the business chain for our customers.

Maintenance/Repairs of Diesel Engines

Ugpeo technique limited is maintenance organization with highly motivated and articulated with young vibrant technicians, professional with extensive experience spanning across heavy duty machineries onboard vessels and earth moving equipment with a functional workshop and safe working environment to handle all your engineering problems such as engine refurbishing, (rebuild), top cylinder head refurbishing, air starter re-kitting, pumps, valves ,compressors, engine blowers etc. contact us for safe and effective reliable services and be assure of excellent quality delivery.

Marine consultancy

We are dedicated to provide an outstanding quality solutions and services to support clients and assist in the planning preparation and response to a multitude of risk in the industries and needs for preventive maintenance/repairs. Our aim and focus are always to prevent a problem before it presents itself. Our team with extensive experience in consultation, we are equipped with a full knowledge and assurance of what you want, what to do and how to do it. Send us a message at info@ugpeotechnique.com or follow us on social media Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook. “The only limit to our realization of tomorrow will be our doubt of today”

Offshore vessel chartering

Our technical team are working diligently around the industries and bringing a solution to the challenges facing the transportation/logistics in marine industries. We always provide our customers with the most cost-effective pricing and highest caliber of services. These include but not limited to

  • • Offshore supply vessel
  • • Crew change vessel
  • • Anchor handling vessel
  • • Security vessel
  • Vessel General Maintenance

    Involve us in coordinating and managing the daily planning maintenance/repairs of your vessel machinery; plumbing work, electrical work, fire hydrant pumps, valves, fenders, refrigeration equipment etc. let us enhance the process and be responsible for the supervision of other activities and engage in equipment installation / preventive maintenance. At ugpeo technique limited, we provide solutions for vessel owners and operators. Let us handle your machinery challenges. Send us a message at info@ugpeotechnique.com,

    Pneumatic system

    Pneumatic systems play vital role in the industry, therefore at ugpeo technique limited, a technical team who specialize in pneumatic systems are there to handle all of your issues in pneumatic system.

    With our technical team, all downtime caused by pneumatic systems is settled.

    Gear box

    At Ugpeo Technique Limited, we rebuild and recondition all types of gear boxes, our process starts with disassembling and cleaning the equipment and inspecting all parts for cracked, broken or worn out. With our team of technicians, we are ready to assist you with a complete rebuild and repairs of gear box. Contact us today and be assure of your problem solve.